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Since 2007 we have offered a unique and innovative public relations service to the sports industry.

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“Working with Caroline in the past, I appreciated her commitment and hard work. She is a genuine professional and has always handled herself with integrity.”

“Since I started working with the Sports PR Company a lot of things have changed especially with the press, and I think its really important for a player to have people like them around you to build improve or change your image plus they did an amazing job organising my Foundation Charity Dinner’s which have been a huge success.”

“Working with The Sports PR Company has made me understand the value of what they do.  Dealing with so much through the great times in my career and making the right steps during the lows. They are very professional and I wouldn’t be the player I am today without them.”

“Caroline is a great asset to me and my agents, Sport Invest. They help to raise my profile internationally, and liaise with my agent, club and sponsors on all aspects of my media worldwide, and they are always a pleasure to deal with.”

“I have worked with the Sports PR Company for several years, and during that time I have come to really appreciate their support and deep professionalism. Regardless of the situation I have been able to rely on them as source of sound and trustworthy advice that I can rely on. Caroline’s work has helped me enhance and extend my exposure, and to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. I’m looking forward to continuing the relationship over the coming years.”

“The Sports PR Company has worked with me since I joined Chelsea. They have helped guide me through the press & media, which was invaluable as a foreign player coming to England.

The Sports PR Company is a crucial part of my management team – very professional and supportive”